Who We Are

The Society was founded in 1972 with the aim of organising carriage driving events; the Society is affiliated to the British Driving Society (BDS) the Governing body of carriage driving in Britain.

Since that time the Society has grown and currently has some eighty members including senior, novice, non-drivers and junior driving members.

Our non-driving members although not driving themselves assist with the organisation of events which is crucial and always much appreciated.

The Society holds some twenty events each year including Rally’s, skilled driving, four outdoor trials, four indoor trials, three beach scurries, a Le Trec and three driving shows, two of which include the Osbourne Refrigerators National qualifiers and the third is our two day Annual Members show. Our shows include a combination of Private Driving, exercise, in-hand, ride & drive and ridden derby classes. The Society invites a BDS approved Judge to officiate the class winners eligible to compete in the UK National finals currently held at Addington Manor in Bedford at the end of each showing season. Our Indoor trials also have qualifiers for the UK National finals, currently held at Keysoe Equestrian Centre.

The Society has had a lot of success over the years with a couple of Private Driving National Champions, National and International driving trials Champions, which the society is very proud of.

Our three beach scurries are held are held during the long summer evenings at low tide on our lovely golden sand in the West of the Island.

The Society tries to hold an Annual event with our Sister Island of Guernsey each year which consists of a skilled driving competition and a social gathering (known as an inter-insular).

We are very lucky to have our own Showground based in the centre of the Island and maintained by our members; the Society is run by a General Committee of twelve with sub-committee’s for trials, show and our social events.

We always encourage novice and junior drivers and we are always looking for new members and stewards, helpers and spectators with everyone being welcome at our events.

Our Social ladies provide catering at all of our events.

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Rules of Constitution

As passed by the members of the Society at a Special general meeting held on 9th June1992.

A: Title

The Society shall be known as the "Jersey Horse Driving Society" and shall be affiliated to the British Driving Society and also the Driving Trials Group.

B: Objects

To encourage and assist persons interested in the driving of horses and ponies.

To act as the governing body to whom show committees can refer for guidance in framing conditions for harness classes other than those controlled by kindred societies or clubs.

To encourage the promotion of such classes.

To promote the general interests of horse and pony drivers by lectures, books, discussions and correspondence and to co-operate with any society or other authority.

To authorise judges selected for their knowledge and practical experience in the various sections of harness work.

To promote such social activities as may be deemed in the interests of the club.